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Welcome to Austrheim. We are very pleased that you have chosen Austrheim, this kingdom of islands in the West, as your new home. We hope that what Austrheim has to offer will make you thrive and experience the Good Life.

The municipality's motto is:

Open sceneries – open minds

Open sceneries you will find in abundance out here on the islands – open minds is what we hope you will be met with as a new resident; that you will be well received, and that you will feel welcome.


You might already have become familiar with what the municipality has to offer, but it might be a good idea to know more about what to expect. We aim to offer important and useful information to all our residents on our website, Here you can find details on the majority of public services, be it kindergartens or eldercare, construction of residential buildings or water supplies, healthcare, cultural activities or schooling. Visit to find information on the entire region of Nordhordland. Special information on events and activities for children and young people is available at

Austrheim is proud of its strong commitment from volunteers. Teams and organizations in the municipality offer a rich variety of activities, and we are confident you will find something of interest.
Austrheim is known for its excellent ocean sports conditions. The annual Nordic Oceansport Week offers a varied and exciting events program for people of all ages. Check out
Austrheim has many wonderful walking trails, one of them leading to Vardetangen, the westernmost point on the Norwegian mainland. You will also find some of Norway's richest fishing spots in our streams, and there are many delightful swimming spots. We want our natural resources and qualities to be utilized.

You are welcome to email us at or call our service desk at 56-16-20-00 for more information on the municipality of Austrheim. Our service desk is located inside  Austrheim’s Municipal Building.


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